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Socially Awkward Instruments is a place where weird instruments can be seen. By the 3 people that will come to this site. Yeah.

First, a socially awkward piano. This thing looks more like a knob on a guitar than a piano, nevertheless the random mess of words on top of it. It should just say Volume.

Next, we have the drums. Now, first, these things are hot. So hot that people put flames on the side of them. And they look like they’re staring at you. Wait for it…. wait for it… and now you have to spend 6 years in a therapist’s office. I hope they at least sound good.

Next is the basses. This one is a 6 string. Why do people do this to their basses? The necks are wider and thicker than a Klondike Bar, and I don’t see any point in the added strings. Atleast this one makes it work. Mostly.

Finally, the guitars. Now, this just scares me. I’ll give you a moment to look at it, yell wtf, and then punch your computer screen. Ready? Go.

Now, I have to ask you something. Why do you need 12 necks? You don’t even need 12 strings! That guitar has 72 strings. We’ve heard of a double neck guitar. Some of us have heard of a triple neck guitar. And the basic six string guitar, 7 string guitar, 12 string guitar, and even the 18 string guitar. But a 12-necked guitar with 72 strings? That’s a little bit ridiculous, but funny.


One output jack? ONE OUTPUT JACK?!?!?@?!@/ I feel sorry for the amp who has to take this guitar in. Please let this be a troll.